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Welcome to Taqa Space LTD, where innovation meets education in the realm of renewable energy. Established and registered in England and Wales (UK) under the number 14473829, Taqa Space LTD stands as a pioneering force in the field, dedicated to advancing the knowledge and services in renewable energy through a harmonious blend of traditional and virtual methodologies.

At Taqa Space LTD, we take pride in offering a range of cutting-edge services that define the future of renewable energy education:

Professional Certificates and Training Programs: Our comprehensive professional certificates and training programs set the stage for individuals and professionals alike to delve into the intricacies of renewable energy, green hydrogen, and electric vehicles. Through live and recorded sessions, we provide an immersive learning experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Virtual Reality Modules: Immersive and interactive, our virtual reality modules are crafted to elevate the learning experience in renewable energy. Specializing in the creation of captivating virtual reality experiments, we aim to foster exploration and understanding in this dynamic field.

Metaverse as a Service (MaaS): Unlock the potential of the metaverse with Taqa Space LTD. Our Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) offering is designed to empower renewable energy companies by handling all related services. No prior expertise is required as we seamlessly guide you through the metaverse, opening up new possibilities and horizons.

Solar Augmented Reality App: Embark on an educational and practical journey in solar engineering with our Solar Augmented Reality App. Bridging the gap between theory and application, this app is tailored to assist individuals in gaining a deeper understanding of solar energy through augmented reality experiences.

Taqa Space LTD envisions a world where knowledge and innovation converge to shape the future of renewable energy. Join us on this transformative journey as we pave the way for sustainable and forward-thinking solutions in the renewable energy landscape.