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Taqa Space: Your Renewable Education and Services Hub

Unleash the potential of sustainable success with our comprehensive professional training and services in renewable energy. Seamlessly merging traditional and virtual methods, including VR/AR, our platform offers a unique learning experience.
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Professional Certificates

Professional training programs, encompassing live and recorded sessions, delve into topics such as renewable energy, green hydrogen, and electric vehicles

Virtual Reality Modules

Specializing in the creation of virtual reality experiments and modules, our focus is on facilitating exploration and learning in the field of renewable energy

Metaverse as a service (MaaS)

Unlock the potential of the metaverse for renewable energy companies as we handle all related services, removing the requirement for prior expertise

Solar Augmented Reality App

Through our augmented reality app, we aim to assist individuals in both educational and practical aspects of solar engineering

Client Success Stories

Space Membership

Space Membership is an exclusive subscription offered by Taqa Space, granting holders privileged access to special spaces, videos, and applications hosted by Taqa Space. Additionally, members can explore content and offerings from any affiliated entities seamlessly integrated into the Taqa Membership section on the website.

Taqa VR Club

Taqa VR Club serves as a community for VR owners, facilitating regular gatherings in the metaverse and hosting informative sessions on maximizing the advantages of virtual reality.

Taqa Space Ecosystem

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